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    The sun comes up and the island children start their day! There are hermit crab races to be won, trees to climb, and an entire island to explore. Follow the barefoot adventures of a "caye boy" and his little brother as they explore the sand streets of their little island from sunup till sundown.

    36 pages, soft cover. Beautifully full-color illustrated. Published in 2013.

  • buy furosemide 40 mg uk

    All the island children are super excited for Kite Day...but when a kite gets stuck in "Kite Tree", what is a Caye Boy to do? With the help of their fellow villagers, Gilford and Alvis just MIGHT get a new kite in time!

    32 pages, soft cover. Beautifully full-color illustrated. Published in 2014.

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    The island boys are going on a jungle adventure! Getting there is half the fun, but once they arrive they get to experience and entirely new world. The jungle is full of vine swings, animals, and tons of cousins. Now all it needs is a secret-jungle-fort...

    36 pages, soft cover. Beautifully full-color illustrated. Published in 2015.