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In Belize

Available in fine hotels and retail stores throughout Belize including:

Belize International Airport (Toucan Gift Stores)
Moho Chocolate

Caribbean Colors
Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel
Cayeboard Connection
Island Link
Island Magic
Laca Laca Toucan
Little Blue Gift Shop
Mirany's Gift Shop
Seaside Cabanas

Art Box
Black Rock Lodge
Hidden Valley Inn
Orange Gallery

Caribbean Shores

Belize Arts Gallery
Captain Morgan's
El Pescador
Las Terrazas
Moho Chocolate
Portofino Resort
Ramon's Village Resort
Salty Dog Gift Shop
Toucan Gift Stores
Twelve Belize
White Sands Cove

Chabil Mar
Crocodile Gift Shop
Hatchet Caye Resort
One World Gift Shop
Robert's Grove