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Jessica Retseck Wigh lives with her husband and two sons in Caye Caulker, Belize and Indiana. Jessie loves that the carefree life of the island child is much like her own barefoot small-town upbringing…only with coconut trees and the Caribbean Sea instead of barns and haybales. When not chasing her own “Caye Boys” around the island, Jessie co-operates a yoga retreat company (Belize Yoga) and a by-donation yoga studio (RandOM Yoga) with her husband.

Andrew Young is a freelance illustrator by night and the director of a small non-profit by day. In addition to illustrating Caye Boy: Barefoot Adventures of an Island Child and Caye Boy and Kite Day, Andrew has also been featured on Reddit Gets Drawn as well as several other subreddit banners.

Current projects include being a featured artist as the IMA Monster Drawing Rally as well as a special invite to the BoneAna Collaborative Art Show in Indianapolis. Andrew can be found at Indiana City Brewery most any month participating in the Craft Brew Doodle Crew event.

For custom work by Andy, visit his store on Etsy: buy furosemide for dogs